Hanging upside down, grabbing Skeletons

Item #: 21536

Hanging upside down, grabbing Skeletons

Moving Halloween skeleton fidgets and the lights with the eyes

The dangling on the feet skeleton is desperately trying to get out of the predicament while shouting, while it dangerous flickers with eyes and grabs for you.The upside down hanging skeleton responds to loud noises such as clapping and Poke.Wild Fidgety let the suspended by the feet skeleton as a perfect horror decoration decorate to impress your Halloween party guests.

The funny Halloween Animatronics is battery operated and has the dimension of approx. 86 cm x 80 cm x 10 cm.Order today for your spooky decoration in the pros for Halloween and horror.The horror Store guarantees the coolest Halloween ideas.

  • Package included: 1 x upside down hanging skeleton
  • Reacts from noise
  • Flickers with eyes, screams and moves to the arms
  • Size: ca.86 cm x 80 cm x 10 cm
  • battery-operated
  • Test batteries included.These should be replaced after receipt but with new batteries