Zombie Bride Skull Animatronic

Item #: 15194

Zombie Bride Skull Animatronic

Zombie Bride as Halloween Animatronic

The pale, floating Zombie Bride skull with long hair reacts to noises such as clapping, loud music or movement.When activated, dangerous his eyes light up, the mouth moves under schaurigem sound, and the dead bride comes from the ceiling hovering.

The floating Zombie Bride Skull is a super Halloween animatronics and scares even diehard horror fans! The head is about 45cm x 15cm x tall, has black synthetic hair and is powered by 4AA batteries.Batteries included.You can put on our You Tube Channel miss a Video of the Zombie Bride Skull Experience in Action!

  • Size: 45cm x 15cm
  • Batteries included.