Cobra snake green

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Cobra snake green

Photorealistic snake for your jungle decoration

Cobras are fascinating and frightening at the same time.When threatened, they spread their neck shield and fluctuate with her head back and forth.This behavior use Snake to give the impression that they could train the Venomari.In Buddhist monks the cobras are considered sacred.The cobra snake is green a popular decorative item for snake fans who do not have space for a terrarium.

The cobra snake is green plastic and tortuous form ca.80 cm long.The scale pattern is held on the belly in a bright yellow color and colored on the back black-green.The spread-neck is light brown and bears the typical drawing of a cobra in white and black.The greedy mouth the poison snakes is wide open and shows the sharp, white fangs.For even more deterring the viper, in combination with the Cobra snake brown and the Cobra snake Orange ,

Product description:
  • Material: plastic
  • Color: green
  • Dimensions: approximately804 cm long, ca.3 cm wide

Warning: Only for decoration, not a toy for children! Not suitable for children under 3 years.Contains small parts that can be swallowed or inhaled.Adult supervision is required.