Lying Latex Rat

Item #: 18070

Lying Latex Rat

Creepy rat as a super decoration for creepy and Halloween parties

Halloween does not come without the right creep decoration, so a lying latex rat is the right pet for your hallween party. The lying latex rat feels almost everywhere and makes itself good as a Halloween table decoration, in the witch kitchen, the pantry or the warm bathroom ,

The brown, lying latex rat is filled with soft foam, has big black button eyes, funny big ears and the typical bites. The rodents are the perfect Halloween and horror decoration and many guests will be afraid of your rat plague. The latex rat has a length of approx. 18cm and additionally has a long rat tail of approx. 12th cm. Suitable for dark damp walls is our Steinwand film . Cobweb 40gr white. And disgusting Cockroaches 10 Pack ,

Scope of delivery: 1 x lying latex rat

  • Color: Dark brown
  • Size about. 18 cm (plus additional 12 cm tail)
  • Material: latex