Cobwebs Spray

Item #: 12722

Cobwebs Spray

Special effect spray for theater, film, television or for professional use for decorating party areas.The ingenious spray conjures super realistic looking cobwebs !!!

By rapidly moving back and forth while spraying arise cobwebs laying deceptively realistic about all kinds of decorations, candlesticks, mullioned windows, old furniture or other ,

For larger areas, it is helpful when using nylon cobwebs an additional breakpoint beforehand.The spray is non-flammable and can be easily wiped away like real cobwebs.The cobwebs spray should also be tested in any case previously on an invisible point on compatibility and removability! Very efficient! Can also Cobweb 40gr white. (-wadding) And Decoration Moss 125g combining decorated.Instructions on the tin !!!

Contents: 400 ml.