Sexplosive Table Fireworks

Item #: 8800356

Sexplosive Table Fireworks

Explosive fun with a naughty touch for your party!

These "Sexplosive" Table Fireworks are just perfect to get your mates in the right party mood. These indoor fireworks are great accessories for a boys' night out or a stag party. These table top fireworks look highly explosive and are guaranteed to cheer everyone up! The sexy pictures make these party crackers an eye-catching accessory.

Place the 15 cm high table boms on a smooth surface, e.g. a table. You can let the firework off by means of the powder fuse. Each of the five table fireworks is packed in a picture of a scantily- clad lady. These crackers are great eye-catchers for bachelor parties and look also cool on a New Year's Eve buffet table. have a look at more party fireworks like the Indoor Dream Sparklers, the Bloody Champagne Bottle Cracker or the Indoor Dream Sparklers 12PCS in our shop!

Warning!: Not suitable for children under the age of 12!