Grim Reaper on grave stone

Item #: 17107

Grim Reaper on grave stone

The dreaded Grim Reaper watch with sharpened scythe over his cemetery

The Grim Reaper on grave stone is among the Goths and Gothic People a very popular decorative item for the living room and altars.But as scary and horror decoration is the figure death a beautifully eerie Aufstellfigur.The figure is beautifully finished to the last detail.

The Grim Reaper figure made of plastic stands on a grave stone base, which is provided all around with skeletons as the pillar.The skeletons are kept in bone color and it is a crown of thorns with a rose provided centrally.The atmospheric grave stone with the initials R.I.P.provided, which stands for "Rest in Peace".The Grim Reaper is made of polyresin and hand painted.

  • Size about.37 cm high
  • Material: polyresin / resin