LED grave stone RIP

Item #: 18111

LED grave stone RIP

Technically cemetery on the cutting edge of LED grave stone RIP, it should be quoted in better decoration.

The LED grave stone RIP is the perfect decoration idea for your Halloween or horror party and creates a typical horror backdrop.

The decoration grave stone is approx. 35 cm wide and 70 cm long and convinced by the 3D design, as well as the color-changing lights inside the grave stone.The LED grave stone RIP is a horror setting in which a skeleton rising from the spirits and fly him around.The cool grave stone includes two skewers to set up on the earth, so you get the perfect graveyard landscape in your garden.In addition to the LED grave stone RIP, check out our Horror Shop the Creepy cemetery caretaker or Grave stone skull with black roses for the perfect horror of gardens on Halloween.

Material: Polyfoam