Realistic Tombstone With Moss

Item #: 16500

Realistic Tombstone With Moss

Halloween Decoration Grab stone for your creepy cemetery

Very beautiful gray realistic tombstone with moss in the form of a stylized cross. The Halloween headstone is made of polyfoam, painted in an antique style and moss covered. The weathered-looking artificial tombstone has engraved the typical RIP lettering above which a bat hovers, numerous notches and cracks bear witness to the age of the monument.

With the realistic tombstone with moss, a beautiful Halloween decoration can be realized in a simple way. If you want to make your Halloween cemetery look even older, just use our Cobweb 40gr white. And our Cobwebs Spray To make the decoration more creepy.

delivery : 1x Gravestone with moss

  • Color gray
  • Size about. 55 cm x 33 cm
  • Material: styrofoam