Tombstone Cross Skull RIP

Item #: 18391

Tombstone Cross Skull RIP

The Tombstone Cross Skull RIP is a mega cool Halloween decoration!

The extraordinary look of the Tombstone Cross Skull RIP will make your Halloween and horror party an unforgettable event. This gravestone with skull design and RIP writing is the perfect decoration for any spooky event.

This Halloween decoration is a fake tombstone in the shape of a cross featuring a skull with ray-like ornaments at the centre. The letters RIP are written on the base. The tombstone cross has a slightly coppery shade, so it looks like the headstone of a centuries-old burial site. The skull at the centre suggests that the poor souls buried here might not be resting in peace which makes this headstone look rather creepy. The Tombstone Cross Skull RIP makes a great decoration for Halloween and horror events. Match it with our Rotting skull latex small and the Pile of Heads Welcome Sign and your graveyard scene will be the highlight of any horror and Halloween party.

Material: polyfoam
Dimensions: approx. 90 cm high and approx. 50 cm wide