Aggressive Flying Bat Prop

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 Aggressive Flying Bat Prop

Bats are classic Halloween decorations because they are related to vampires. Our Aggressive Flying Bat Prop is to be hanged up on the ceiling or on a tree by means of the attached nylon string to scare ususpecting passersby. This bat decoration is covered with grey cloth and features blood red eyes. The Aggressive Flying Bat Prop has an open mouth with pointy vampire fangs. The prick eared vampire bat reacts to the tiniest of sounds when chasing its prey. The Aggressive Flying Bat Prop is a super Halloween party decoration that looks even better when pepped up with a few Cobweb 40gr white. and matched with the spooky Bat with suction cup and hanger.

Please note! This Halloween bat is not animated and can not fly!

Size: approx. 55 cm wingspan