Crashed Witch Orange

Item #: 19646

Crashed Witch Orange

Even witches can have accidents!

It was definitely a piece of bad luck when a tree appeared in the flight path of this orange witch. Witches usually know how to handle their brooms, but in this case a crash was inevitable. Not even a spell would save the poor sorceress on her speedy brrom. The witch crashed against the tree at the top of her speed, she stuck to it and, obeying the laws of gravity, slowly slid down along its trunk. Now she

Once you have decorated the witch, you see her back, spread-eagled, stuck to the obstacle she crashed into. The witch prop is made of plastic and polyester. It is very flat and looks super cool when decorated outdoors and attached to a tree trunk or a fence using some pins or when hanged close to a hedge using the black ribbon attached to its head. Naturally the witch can be used as an indoor decoration, too. Let your imagination run wild and choose whichever flat surface in your flat. How about the fridge door, the bathroom mirror or a window? Whichever place you choose, it will always look as if the witch crashed against an obstacle in her flight path.  This cool Halloween decoration also comes in green and purple! Have a look at the Crashed Witch Green and the Crashed Witch Purple in our shop!

  • Includes: witch hanging decoration for indoors or outdoors
  • Material: plastic, polyester
  • Dimensions: approx. 65 cm long, approx. 55 cm wide