Feisty Rat

Item #: 8800203

Feisty Rat

Beastly Critters for creepy Halloween Parties!

The ugly rodents are among the most infamous visitors to pantries and therefore make a perfect decoration for your Halloween party! Your party guests will jump on chairs and scream at the sight of our Feisty Rat!

Turn your place into dark catacombs and dungeons for Halloween. The Feisty Rat is standing on its hind legs, a perfect horror party decoration that will give your guests the creeps. Everyone will love the horrible little rodent! The Feisty Rat is partially covered with hairs and has a 30 cm long flexible rat tail and sweet black button eyes. But don't be fooled by its cute looks, the nasty critter is ready to attack! The monster rat is made of polyfoam and hand-painted. If you need the right wall decoration to create a sinister ambiance, check out our  Skeleton Army Scene Setter, the Prisoners creatures film, the Skeletton film Escape, the Rats bottom sheet and our cute Slimy Stretch Bat.

Material: polyfoam, size: approx. 32 cm