Great Zombie At The Hook 90cm

Item #: 19668

Great Zombie At The Hook 90cm

Instead of a picture just hang a impaled zombie on the wall!

It is always boring to have only pictures hanging on the wall. Even if there are a lot of beautiful pictures, it is always the same. Pick up your neighbors and just hang a creepy zombie on the wall!

The big zombie at the Hacken fits perfectly to your Halloween decorartion and will definitely be an eyecatcher! After all, it was not everyone who hung a disgusting undead in his apartment! The meat hook of plastic in metal optics and blood remnants at the tip, drills from the chin by the tongue of the zombie and can be hung with a cord in the desired place. The head of the hanged undead, made of latex, shows a distorted expression of the face, red eyes and eyes swelling out. His hands, which are made of plastic, are tied at the back with a cord. The zombie decorator is wearing a green, red and white checkered tattered shirt with black buttons. Overall the figure has approx. A size of 70 cm.
Super suits the Hanging Prop green zombie on the hook or that Erhängtes girl

Information about the great zombie at Hacken:

  • Size about. 90 cm (from the hook to the bottom)
  • Hands and hooks of the hanging figure are made of plastic
  • Zombie head is made of latex