Jeepers Creepers Sammlerfigur Deluxe

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Jeepers Creepers Sammlerfigur Deluxe

With the unique horror movie character you give to recognize you as a true genre fan

The American horror flick Jeepers Creepers from 2001 cleverly linked an ascending voltage curve with well placed special effects.The focus is on the uncanny Creeper, making bloody hunt for teenager with his old vices.For all horror movie fans that are looking for a unique fan-utensil, we have the Jeepers Creepers deluxe collectors figure in the range.With this ominous figure you bring real horror atmosphere in your four walls and can also at Halloween with a perfect score decoration.

The Jeepers Creepers Sammlerfigur Deluxe is a terrific processed single piece, in which the head is made of soft silicone and faithfully reproduces the face provided with numerous furrows and horns.On the back of the man-hunter has a gray braid made of genuine buffalo hair.Even the mighty body of the proud about2.3 meter demonic being is impressively designed and decorated with real fabric clothes like a corduroy trousers, a thatched sweater, a long coat with collar and dark shoes.In the bony hands of the fiend keeps the typical Creeper-ax that is besmirched from head to toe with blood and with the surprising real blue glass eyes he looks menacingly at his potential victims.Thanks to the base plate made of resin, the horror movie character has a good grip and also the company of a black crow.To make the figure fireproof, we recommend the Fireproofing spray 400 ml .Other Cool Movie Stars from our range are the Chucky Murderer Doll 38 Cm and the SAW Puppet Billy with Tricycle .

  • Scope of delivery: 1 x Jeepers Creepers Sammlerfigur Deluxe
  • Color: green / brown / black / blue
  • Material: Silicone, resin, plastic, glass, buffalo hair
  • Size figure : About2.3 meters
  • Size plate: approx. 100 x 50 cm