Leatherface Hanging Figure

Item #: 20434

Leatherface Hanging Figure

Halloween Dekoartion for Texas Chainsaw Massacre Fans

This mass murderer Decoration is. In your horror movie night or Halloween party an absolute horror HighlightThe original licensed hanging figure of chainsaw-wielding Leatherface is also determined your favorite decoration in horror home theater.Should anyone ffragen what happened mihm because: Leatherface was too far from catch at home, the Texas Citizens Militia has lynched him immediately and sawed him with his own chain saw the lower half.

The Leatherface hanging figure consists of foam and latex.On the ceiling it acts as frightening as in the hallway or on the balcony.The famous chainsaw he holds in his hand.The figure does not listen to the abdomen and hence below the shirt on.More Leatherface Fan products are the Leatherface Teeth , the [ Leatherface Apron and the inevitable Leatherface Chain ,

  • material : Foam, latex
  • length : Ca.45 cm