REAPER Standing Prop Black

Item #: 20327

REAPER Standing Prop Black

BEWARE! says the piece of cloth in the Grim Reaper's bony hands!

There is a dead silence in the club house of the Gutter Rats, the worst gang in town. Their former leader is standing right in front of them - only that they had buried him the previous year after he had been shot by a member of the Dark Sharks... His black jacket is completely decayed and he is holding a piece of cloth in his bony hands. It has the word BEWARE written on it. The silence is broken by the sound of motorbikes, the spectre disappears and the Gutter Rats grab their guns...

The Reaper with the warning sign is mainly a standing prop, but it could be hanged up if you wished to do so. The skull and bone hands are made of plastic, the arms are bendable so they can unfold the piece of cloth with the bloody writing. The Reaper's body is made of black strips of cloth. A metal bar connects the Grim Reaper with a sturdy plastic base. If you don't like black ghosts, we recommend the Reaper standing figure green or the REAPER Standing Prop White. Our Scary Ghost Bride Hanging Prop 45cm, the Hanging Zombie Pirate and the Captain Lester Zombie Mask are the perfect company for this great Grim Reaper prop!

Product information:
  • Material: plastic, wire, metal, cloth
  • Measurements: height with base approx. 53 cm, span of arms: max. 23 cm