Skeleton Bride Hanging and Standing Prop

Item #: 19662

Skeleton Bride Hanging and Standing Prop

This bride has been waiting at the altar in vain

It is probably every bride's nightmare to stand in front of the altar with all the wedding guests waiting and the priest working on a tight schedule and no sign of the groom. What happened at the stag party the night before? Has anybody seen him? The black skeleton bride will pay a reward to anyone who has relevant information on the matter.

The black Bride Standing Prop wears a black and white wedding dress with red belt. The bridal veil made of tulle-like mesh fabricis adorned with a red hairband matching the belt. Streaky black synthetic hair is attached to the plastic skull. The Skeleton Bride features bendable arms with plastic bone hands. The Skeleton Bride can be used as a standing or hanging decoration. Pair the black skeleton bride with her long missing Skeleton Groom Hanging and Standing Prop so they can at least be together in death. The skeleton couple makes a lovely decoration for gothic weddings, the bride or groom alone are perfect for stag or hen parties.

Additional information:

  • Hanging or Standing decoration
  • Skeleton Bride with bendable arms
  • Hands and skull made of light plastic
  • Material dress: polyester and black synthetic hair