Skeleton Bride Hanging Decoration

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Skeleton Bride Hanging Decoration

Even on Halloween there are monster wedding ceremonies. Maybe it's two bony skeletons that exchange their wedding vows while dark background music is playing and werewolfs are howling. The pretty skeleton bride is all excited and can't wait for her Skeleton Groom Hanging Decoration to put the ring on her bony finger, so they can spend a proper Halloween wedding night together.The spooky Skeleton Bride Hanging Decoration is approx. 39cm long and has black tousled hair, a bridal veil made of white gauze. Her rotten bones stick out of her white tattered wedding dress. Halloween hanging decorations are inexpensive and create a spooky horror party atmosphere without any effort. The Halloween hanging figures can be reused any time you like. They are also a cool present for the Halloween party host. Decorate them with some Artificial cobwebs 60gr., Steinwand film and Decoration Moss 125g and create an impressive horror scenery.

Size: approx. 39cm

Material: plastic