Vampire Bride Hanging Decoration

Item #: 19666

Vampire Bride Hanging Decoration

This bloodsucking lady has long lost her innocence!

Vampires have specific characteristics and properties. They are undead beings of human appearance who sleep in their coffins in  Vampires feed exclusively on blood. They have sharp, bat-like fangs to bit their victims and suck their lifeblood. 

This scary hanging decoration has the looks of an undead vampire bride. The head is made of foam rubber filled latex and has the characteristic pale features and the pointed fangs of a vampire. The bride wears a tattered bridal veil and a ragged white polyester dress. This Halloween hanging prop with bendable plastic arms is a super decoration idea for all Halloween or vampire parties and other scary theme events. Match the Vampire Bride Hanging Decoration with the Ghostly White Reaper 220cm, the Ghost Lady Hanging Decoration o r the Faceless Reaperfrom our shop!

Additional information:

  • Vampire bride hanging prop with foam filled latex head
  • Bendable plastic arms
  • Approx. 100 cm long
  • Greyish synthetic hair