Zombie in a Dustbin

Item #: 18769

Zombie in a Dustbin

The spooky Zombie in a Dustbin Halloween Decoration is guaranteed to give your guests the creeps.

Halloween is the night when the dead walk the earth and the undead roam the night as well.

This cool Zombie in a Dustbin horror decoration is a great highlight for your spooky decoration. Hide the zombie in a dark corner and watch your guests get  goosebumps. This cool ghost in a garbage can can be folded up until needed again. The zombie decoration is approx. 40cm in diameter and 54 cm high. You will find mor creepy decorations like the Zombie Head Candy Bowl Animatronic and the Zombie Animatronic Hanging Figure in our great selection of products.

Material: wire, polyester, plastic,
Dimensions: approx. 40 cm diameter, approx. 54 cm high