Rotting skull latex small

Item #: 18277

Rotting skull latex small

Scary and disgusting perfect for your next Halloween party, the verottende skull

For a perfect Halloween and horror decorations skulls are not missing, as the Rotting skull latex small.Skulls have always been used for any kind of haunted house decorations.The ingenious Rotting skull latex small suitable for dark corners, as table decorations for Halloween Buffet ,

The lovingly profiled fashion scull looks as if the last remnants of the flesh would still rotting stick to him.The painting by hand makes every Verrotender skull latex to dress n a unique piece and is as bloody as he looks really awful.In addition, the Horrorschäde have l the advantage that they can not break, when they should really fall off times.The Rotting skull latex small has a height of 8 cm, is about 8 cm wide and 11 cm deep.More Dekoschädel as the Realistic skull polyresin and the Screaming Skull 10cm you'll find in our extensive range.
Of the Rotting skull latex was small modeled and produced by Hollywood special effects artist Brian Creature Demski.Thus, each skull is a unique and unique artwork.