Freaky Candy Coffin Monster High

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Freaky Candy Coffin Monster High

Sweet monster girls!

Monster High is a highschool for the kids of famous monsters. Frankenstein's daughter Frankie Stein, now a 15 year old teenage girl, the daughter of The Mummy, Cleo de Nile, now about 5842years of age, are students at Monster High and as you can imagine, monster kids are different, but they still behave like teenagers. The girls can be rather bitchy and tease each other or all fall in love with one of the four boys at school.

Monster High Freaky Candy Coffins are small, coffin-shaped boxes. Each containing a sticker of the monster daughter on the coffin lid and lots of candy shaped like the Monster High logo (a skull with a bow). For all those of you who already know the girls of Monster High: we stock Cleo De Nile, Frankie Stein, Ghoulia Yelps, Clawdeen Wolf and Lagoona Blue. Of some of the girls we stock only one single coffin, of others we have a few.  If you want to turn yourself into a student at MH we recommend our cool costumes, such as the Spider Bat Costume Teen Violet, the Bat Devil Teen Costume or the Rocking Skull Seeräuberin Costume (in case you feel like the daughter of a zombie pirate).

  • Colour: black, light blue or purple
  • Includes: coffin box, sticker, candy
  • Ingredients: dextrose, maltodextrin, acidifying agent: E296, E330, release agent:E470B,flavours, coating agent:E903, colouring: E120, E133
  • Net weight candy: 28 g, price per 100 g is 12,50 €
  • For logistical reasons the cover design is chosen at random!