Funny Monster Lollipop

Item #: 22307

Funny Monster Lollipop

Kids love colorful, sweet monsters in their "trick or treat" bag

A funny monster lollipop is just the thing for your Halloween party. With the fun monsters Lollys is provided for the candy gathering mood and small and big carnivores will make eyes when a funny monster lollipop is offered.

A funny monster lollipop alone does not have to be the Halloween Monster Lollys are available in different colors, shapes and tastes. How would a funny monster lollipop taste like orange, lemon, strawberry apple, grape or cherry? So, maybe you should order more than just a funny monster lollipop, just several! Let yourself be surprised which of the funny monster lollipops is sent to you. Unfortunately, a concrete selection is not possible for logistical reasons. With our Scary Bonbon Bowl Of Graping Hand You also have to worry about a nightmare and an extra atmosphere, try it out!

delivery : 1 x Funny monster lollipop

  • Color: Yellow / Green / Pink / Orange or Violet (not selectable)
  • Taste: orange, lemon, strawberry apple, grape or cherry (not selectable)
  • Size about. 5 cm x 4 cm
  • Net weight: 17 g
Nutritional information: Calories: 60, total fat: 0, total carbohydrate: 16g, sugar: 10gr, protein: 0
Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, water, citric acid, artificial flavorings (apple, strawberry, lemon, grape, cherry, orange) modified starch, gelatin, dyestuff E129, E102, E110, E133, E171. Dyes can interfere with activity and attention in children.

Country of Origin: China, Manufacturer: Oriental Trading Company P. O. Box 2308 Omaha, NE 68103-2308