Haribo Spooky Gums

Item #: 18863

Haribo Spooky Gums

Kids and grown ups love them so - the spooky gums of Haribo!

Skulls, skeletons, witches and little ghosts, all in a great Haribo Halloween mix. Trick or Treat? With Haribo Spooky Gums you can celebrate Halloween all year long! The 1200 g box contains spooky fruity gummies in the "sweet sour" flavours lemon, orange, apple, cherry, black currant and raspberry.

The lemon, orange and apple gummies have a pleasant flavour sour which will make any candy monster happy. The fruity and sweet flavour of the cherry, black currant and raspberry gummi candy is guaranteed to enchant even the nastiest witch. Haribo Spooky Gums contain no artificial colouring. Haribo Spooky Gums are top quality fruit gummi candy and great fun for kids and grown-ups!

  •  Contains: 1200 g, approx. 150 pcs of gummi candy


Sugar, gelatine, dextrose, acidifier;cirtic acid , fruit and plant concentrates: Safflower, Spirulina,apple , carot, blueberry, lemon, radish, sweet potatoe, black currant, Hibiscus, flavouring, coating agent: beeswax white and yellow, Carnauba wax, inverted sugar syrup.