Lemon Flavoured Jelly

Item #: 10122

Lemon Flavoured Jelly

Lemon Flavoured Jelly is just perfect to do ghost slime, witch mash or zombie porridge for cool Halloween desserts at your ghost party. Fill the flashy Lemon Flavoured Jelly in glass bowls or pudding moulds like our Pudding Mould Brain to cool.

Match the Lemon Flavoured Jelly with our Jello Woodruff and Jell-O Raspberry and turn you Halloween buffet into a table full of of slimy delicacies.

  • Contains 2 bags Rasberry Jelly for 2 x 500 ml water. 1 bag contains about 5 portions.

Halloween decoration tip:

  • On Halloween the Lemon Flavoured Jelly looks even more spooky when you work a few HARIBO gummi bears or jelly babies in it.
  • If you're doing a party for adult Halloween and horror fans, add a little wodka or gin to the Lemon Flavoured Jelly.