Scary Fun glucose

Item #: 22321

Scary Fun glucose

Creepy glucose as Halloween candy

The Scary Fun glucose you have an evocative and sweet leak Monterrei for Halloween fans.The dramatic all black / white pack shows a black raven, which includes the Scary Fun glucose.The white-mixed body parts taste fantastic after cherry and one is with the Halloween sweets for sweets Zombie.

Order now the Scary Fun glucose and thus possess a great Halloween candy for the "trick or treat" bag or "giveaway" for your Halloween party guests.The pack Scary Fun dextrose contains various body parts.Try it equal nor our Monster Hand Lollipop and the tasty Sweet Witches

Package included: 1 x Scary Fun glucose
  • Color: White
  • Taste: Cherry
  • Weight: 19g

Nutrition facts: Calories: 68 Total Fat: 0, Total Carbohydrate: 17g sugar: 17gr, Protein: 0,
Ingredients: Dextrose, maltodextrose, citric acid, magnesium stearate, artificial flavors (cherry).