Sugar Sweet Chicken

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Sugar Sweet Chicken

Early bird gets the chicken in the mouth

For a perfect breakfast also includes a delicious smelling coffee for most of us.For all those who like to have their morning drink something sweet, there is now the breakfast chicken no egg, but little sugar candies donates from his butt.Also on other occasions the chicken is willing to sweeten you the day.

The Sugar Sweet chicken from plastic is 16 cm high and makes clucking sounds when you press his belly.The cavity in the back part of the animal can be at any time with sugar cubes or sweetener tablets fill.On the subject of chicken besides, we can give you the Chicken Mask White as well as the Rooster Cap White recommend it.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Height : 16 cm, Width : 4cm
  • Content: Zuckerkomprimat 8 gThis corresponds to a basic price of 4.75 € / 10g