Black Pointed Candles 4 Pcs

Item #: 8800932

Black Pointed Candles 4 Pcs

Noble light jewelery for gloomy romantics

Black candles are a combination of romance and daring and create a very special atmosphere. The black pointed candles perfectly decorate your candlestick and brighten the rooms with gentle flickering.

The black pointed candles are available with us in the advantage pack with 4 pieces and spread for up to 8 hours of spirited candlelight. The noble illuminants bring out your candlestick completely and create a romantic, gloomy atmosphere. If you do not have a suitable candlestick, we recommend you Skull candle chandelier ,

Product Information:

  • Scope of delivery: 4 pieces
  • Dimensions: Length: approx. 25 cm, diameter below: approx. 23 mm
  • Burning time: approx. 8 hours
  • Material: Paraffin