Halloween Invitation Cards Vampire Bite

Item #: 19136

 Halloween Invitation Cards Vampire Bite

These party invitations are a great eye-catcher!

When you are planning a Halloween party, the first thing to do is to invite the guests. The Halloween Invitation Cards Vampire Bite will help you on this quest! Just fill in the text fields given on the invitations! The vampire design on this set of invitation cards looks rather creepy, so let's hope it won't scare off your guests.

The Halloween invitations set includes 20 postcard invitations printed on both sides, 20 grey envelopes, 20 envelope seals, and 20 save the date stickers. The postcards are approx. DIN A6 and have red blood dripping over a black background, grey ornaments, a blood dripping vampire mouth with fangs and the words "Halloween party" on the front. On the back you will find black blood dripping over the card and the following messages: For..., Date..., Time..., Place..., RSVP (request for response). The envelopes can be closed with the included seals, but don't forget to send a "Save the Date" sticker to every one of your guests, so they can mark the date in their calenders and won't forget your Halloween party.

If you need more party accessories to match the cool vampire style of your invitation cards, we recommend our Bloody Halloween tablecloth with ornaments, the Vampire Paper Plates Set of 8 and the Paper cup with vampire motif 8 St. !

Additional information on the Halloween Invitation Cards Vampire Bite:

  • 20 invitations
  • set includes 20
         cards, envelopes, seals and save the date stickers
  • dimensions cards: 107 x 159 mm, approx. Din A6
  • material: paper