Small Plastic Bowl Black

Item #: 19217

Small Plastic Bowl Black

A mini snack bowl for tasty party food!

When you throw a Halloween party or any other kind of invitation, you usually offer some snacks and nibbles. No matter if you fill them with crisps, peanuts, fruit or any other kind of finger food, these cool black bowls will look super stylish on your buffet table.

The little, plain black bowls have a base diameter of approx. 9 cm and are approx. 4 cm high. They make a great tableware for Halloween parties and gothic events. These simple, but stylish multi-purpose bowls will make all sorts of food look particularly eye-catching. One pack contains 20 pcs of these great party bowls. In case you are throwing a vampire themed party, we recommend you match the black bowls with some of our 'Bloody Bite' tableware, e.g. Vampire Paper Plates Set of 8, the Paper cup with vampire motif 8 St. and theVampire Napkins 16 Pieces!

Pack includes: 20 pcs, dimensions: base diameter, approx. 9 cm, height: approx 4 cm, colour: black
Caution: The bowls are NOT dishwasher or microwave safe!

  • Plain black mini bowls for buffet food, snacks, fruit etc.
  • Black plastic bowls for gothic and Halloween events