Candlestick with LED candles

Item #: 17480

Candlestick with LED candles

Moody Halloween Candlestick with bloody LED candles

The eerie silver skull candlestick with his bloodstained candle brings some creepy mood.Flickering candles in a bloody trimmed in antique candlestick producing unheimlicheStimmung you need for a proper Halloween party.The candlestick with LED candle is battery operated and therefore is perfect for apartments because no real flame a safety hazard.

For the perfect Halloween party you'll find next to the flickering candelabra with LED candles to No Trespassing Sign Post and the Shaking Chain Ghost Black in our Horror Shop.

  • 3-armed candlestick with LED candles
  • Material: plastic
  • Size: approx. 34 cm