Duftspray sulfur 30ml

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Duftspray sulfur

Your Halloween decoration gets her own horror fragrance!

MCHe it as the big amusement parks and bedufte your backdrop to the respective corresponding fragrance to appeal to all the senses.By smelling sulfur Duftspray you can make more realistic your Halloween decor.Now does this not only scary, but rather smells even after built scenario.The Duftspray sulfur is ideal for haunted houses and Halloween events with realistic horror Kulise.

The exceptional sulfur smell is filled into a 30 ml vial and sprayer is best sprayed on small pieces of fabric that you can hang then distributed around the room.bedufte so but a creepy scenery as the devil's hell, a burned ruin or the boiler room of Freddy Krueger.

1 x Duftspray sulfur

  • 1 bottle with sprayer
  • Content: approx. 30ml
  • Odour: Sulfur burned,

Warning Warning! The fragrance spray is only suitable for adults, not toys for children! The fragrance spray can be sprayed only on selected decorative objects, not on furniture or.ä.! The fragrance spray should not come into direct contact with the skin and should not be inhaled directly!