Halloween Cardboard Coffin

Item #: 18343

Halloween Cardboard Coffin

A robust black Cardboard Coffin with a lid to decorate your Halloween party!

The black, foldable vampire coffin is made of robust black cardboard with a red interior. The cardboard coffin is easy to assemble and reusable. This fake casket is a cool decoration for Halloween parties and other spooky events. Place a mummy or a zombie inside the coffin and make your party guests' blood curdle!

The Halloween Coffin will look even better if you decorate it with some Decoration Moss 125g and lots of cobwebs. A great eye-catcher for the entrace area of your party or for your bedroom. Count Dracula's resting place is approx.180 cm lang, approx. 60 cm wide and approx. 26 cm. The big coffin comes with a cardboard lid the top end of which can be opened separately.

Please note: The coffin does not include the skeleton and the decorations. Material: cardboard