Hannibal`s Meat Market Goulash

Item #: 13684

Hannibal's Meat Market Goulash

After Gammel and horsemeat human flesh is now served!

Skanadlöser new meat scandal! The cannibal shocker for each refrigerator or freezer, and thus a truly outlandish Halloween and horror decorations! Hannibal Lecter Restraint Mask DLX has opened his meat market and serves a bloody stew of eyes, ears and fingertips.The body parts of goulash have life size.The product is to guarantee freshness, wrapped in cellophane and styrofoam.

The shocking horror delicacy even has realistic printed on the packaging the nutrition information.Fits to we Hannibal muzzle Economy or kitchen apron Leatherface Apron from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The disgusting human goulash is made of latex!