Jumbo Leuchtstab pumpkin

Item #: 21127

Jumbo Leuchtstab pumpkin

Let there be light in the light stick, pray colorful

On Halloween, the last day in October, it is quite dark early in our latitudes.When the children go out to collect candy, motorists can ever overlook a crowd of little monsters.With the colorful flickering Jumbo Leuchtstab with pumpkin motif that children have the perfect weapon against inattentive motorists.

The Jumbo Leuchtstab pumpkin is made of transparent plastic, the handle and the top cap are black.On the rod Halloween pumpkins printed.Pressing a button will light up different colored LEDs that illuminate the entire bar.The rod is about 31 cm long.Three AAA batteries are required for operation, but which will be included.The Jumbo Leuchtstab we also in the variations Jumbo Glow Stick Ghost and Jumbo Glow Stick Bat ,More Vibrant Pumpkin Decoration are the Pumpkin Mining Lamp , of the Pumpkin Flashing Klein and the LED Candle Orange with Pumpkin ,

  • material : plastic
  • color Black, Orange, Transparent
  • length : Ca.31 cm
  • Baterrie type : AAA
  • Batteries included!