Life Sized Rocking Witch Animatronic

Item #: 15707

Life-Sized Rocking Witch Animatronic

Since grandmother got transformed into a wicked old witch, she suffers from hospitalism and now she rocks back and forth, cursing away in a senile way. This fantastic animatronic has a compact, electricity-driven engine inside. The voltage transformer for the German power network is included. The rocking witch looks best when she's placed in a rocking chair which will then move with the animatronic. The confused old lady wears a nightgown and stripy socks with holes in them. This fabulous animatronic as the ultimate eye-catcher for all sorts of Halloween or horror events! When sitting on a chair, the witch is approx. 86 cm high from chair to head. The feet dangle downwards ( approx. 40 cm).

Due to its size and weight the witch will be delivered via private shipping company, so please contact us to inquire the delivery charges for your home address before ordering!

Delivery includes: witch with synthetic hair, engine with voltage transformer, CD with sounds

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