Mummy Cocoon with Spiders

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Mummy Coccon with Spiders

Do you want to shock the guests of your Halloween party with some revolting decorations? Here's what you want! A real challenge for people with arachnophobia! The big cocoon made of fake cobwebs contains the mortal remains of the spiders' last victim. Bones are visisble underneath the tenderly twisted cobwebs and 3 plastic spiders are crawling all over the cocoon, each of them 10cm in size. But that's not enough, there are 22 more arachnids, 4cm each. The entire cocoon is approx. 70cm long. A super creepy and shocking Halloween decoration that will make everybody's hair stand on end, no doubt about it! Let the Mummy Cocoon with Spiders hang from your ceiling by means of a nylon string, so it will move in the air and look extra spooky. Use Steinwand film, Decoration Moss 125g and Cobwebs Spray to create the perfect scenery for this great Halloween decoration.