Neon Monster Spider violet

Item #: 16957

Neon Monster Spider violet

Scary beautiful spider for Halloween Decoration

Why disgusted by spiders, nobody knows.Perhaps it is the strangeness that makes this eight-legged creepy to animal and therefore a popular Halloween decoration.These Monster Spider with their extremely long legs is your party guests the fear of God.

Highly visible, black spider with purple, hairy stripes on legs and head, as a decoration item for Halloween and horror parties.This gruesome eight-legged friends are the Ekeltier par excellence for very many people.Therefore suitable for Halloween ideal as eyecatcher for walls, tables or as ceiling decoration.The Neon Monster Spider violet has flexibly bendable legs and can be brought into any position and Positioning the.followed with her violet eyes sparkling and she stalked already the next victim.In combination with Cobweb 40gr white. . Cobwebs Spray and our Cobwebs victims LED eyes feels the uninvited guest really well! The diameter of the spider is approx. 70 cm!

  • Material: Styrofoam, wire and polyester
  • Black with plush neonviolettem
  • 70 cm in diameter