Shrunken Head Granny

Item #: 19042

Shrunken Head Granny

Not only the pensions are shrinking, the heads are, too!

This granny is a victim of govermen't strict austerity policy. She couldn't get over her pension being cut down to size and stitched up her mouth and eyes in protest. Gran just had enough and she was tired to watch and listen to endless debates about economy measures. By stitching up her nose she made sure she didn't have to smell the lying politicians anymore, either. But the authorities made short work of the stubborn pensioner. Ever since her shrunken head is propped up at the Department for Work and Pensions as a warning for other pensioners. 

The Shrunken Head Granny is a scary Halloween decoration which will also look impressive when hanging from your rear mirror or walking frame. The Shrunken Head is made of latex and features streaky blond hair made of hemp and a brown complexion and lots of wrinkles. The stitched up eyes and mouth make this latex prop look extra creepy.

  • Includes: 1 Shrunken Head Granny
  • Material: latex
  • Dimensions: approx. 15 cm x 12 cm