Ventriloquist`s Dummy Rudolph

Item #: 14721

Ventriloquist's Dummy Rudolph

Eerie ventriloquist's dummy for your appearance in the horror circus

Ventriloquist capable kids and adults alike to entertain and to fascinate with our Horror ventriloquist's dummy Rudolph you can easily also himself trying times as a ventriloquist and put on a little stage program.How about just for Halloween with a particularly creepy performances that the ventriloquist's dummy Rudolph has times an uncanny resemblance to a classic vampire a là Bela Lugosi.

The under the Jacket hidden at the back engagement allows safe but not visible handle to the mouth movements of the doll Control this.Even for beginners it's not too hard to breathe life into the Pupper by mouth and head movement.A flexible metal wire can thereby bring in the desired position the legs of Horror ventriloquist's dummy.Dealing with the ventriloquist's dummy Rudolph is easy to learn and you will therefore have determined your grand entrance.

  • Delivery: 1 x ventriloquist's dummy Rudolph
  • Material: Doll latex suit doll 100% Polyester
  • Size: approx. 120cm