Wimpelkette pirate flag

Item #: 20377

Wimpelkette pirate flag

Pirates flag show several times, repeatedly

The allotment Festival is coming up, and this year will be held the annual fancy dress party for pirates, buccaneers, corsairs, privateers and privateer and its various girls and brides.The bottle of rum is ready fifteen men on the dead man's chest will come out all right.Time to hoist the flag!

The Wimpelkette pirate flag showing on the pennants the good old pirate flag.In this case it is a skull without lower jaw crossed tibias.The background consists of white and silver stripes.The Wimpelkette is 3.60 meters long and has a row 18 little pirates flags.The Wimpelkette is weatherproof, so it can also be used for exterior decoration.To Pirate Party also fits perfectly the Beverage coolers in coffin shape , For the mini pirates there Skull and Bones Balloons and for the main mast a Pirate Flag with Skull ,

  • material : plastic
  • chain length : Ca.360 cm
  • number pennant : 18
  • width pennant : Ca.20 cm
  • length pennant : Ca.26 cm