Popular pet costumes for carnivals

Dog, cat, mouse, elephant: Popular animal costumes for carnivals

The animal world is colorful and everyone has their favorite bull. Also the selection of animal costumes for carnival and carnival is inexhaustible and offers the right for every purse and taste.

Animal costumes - the classics

Particularly clever at animal costumes is that they usually come as a jumpsuit. This means: dress and ready. Classics in the animal world are the ones we have at home: dog, cat and rabbit for example.

Wild animals

Then we know the animals from the zoo, which are often so dangerous that they must behind bars or glass panes. They come from distant lands, are exotic and admirable, such as the lion, the monkey or the crocodile.

Sweet animals

Just very small animals give off super costumes and are very cute. How about a pretty ladybug or a brisk bee?

Fantasy and trend animals

They are everywhere. Her face shines on curtains, jute bags, pillow covers and on all kinds of clothing: the trendy animals. There is the owl and the fox, the Bambi and of course the unicorn. Also marine animals such as jellyfish and whales are very popular.

Come to the dog

A dog dressed as a ladybug - have you seen it? Carnival Universe makes it possible.