In colorful and striking costumes celebrating Schlagerpartys - this is the Schlagermove in Hamburg's district St. Pauli, which has been organized annually since 1997. Remember the 14th &. 15 July 2017, because it is on the Hafenstraße and Reeperbahn again. And with the Schlagermove Partyzubehör from our shop you can dress up for the cool event perfectly.

Schlagermove accessories for real party gulls

At the Schlagermove in Hamburg everything is permitted, which is fun - the same applies to the other event cities like Munich, Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt am Main. Schlagermove party accessories in the 70s style is always the racer among the participants. There must not be shorts, cultic wigs, cool sunglasses and sexy disco costumes.

In Hamburg you will be celebrated with a parade and next to numerous carriages, then go to the Heiligengeistfeld in St. Pauli in the evening. Every year, great hits like Bata Illic and Michael Wendler heat up the audience at the Aftermove.

A special feature of the Schlagermoves are the diverse possibilities of paneling. Amongst other things, floral necklaces, bastocks and Hawaiian shirts are also a popular hit party accessories for women and men.

Schlagermove Party accessories in Samba look

Another highlight is the Samba train, a railway with a dance car that drives from NRW via Niedersachen to Hamburg. Also for this event, you can cost yourself perfectly with our Schlagermove accessories.

The Schlagermove is so coveted that it is celebrated throughout Germany at various parties all year round. The large Schlagermove relocation with several tens of thousands of participants takes place in Hamburg.