St. Patrick's Day Tips & Ideas for the Irish holiday

Green, green, green is all I like: St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day, which takes place on 17 March, is a day for celebrating the Irish and all those who somehow feel Irish. With the matching costumes and a colorful parade, St. Patrick's will be unforgettable.

St. Patrick's Day is international

St. Patrick's Day is a religious event and honors St. Patrick, who is a patron saint in Ireland. The religious, however, has been a long time in the background, but the party is all the better. The biggest parades on St. Patrick's Day take place in Dublin, London and yes, Munich. New York and other US cities are also present every year.

St. Patrick's Day Parade in Munich

The Parade in Munich has existed since 1966 and is regarded as outstanding. It is always held on the Sunday before the actual St. Patrick's Day, this year on the 12th of March. 52 international groups are present, afterwards they are celebrated in different places with bands and beer. All information about St. Patrick's Day in Munich can be found here:

St. Patricks Day Parade MunichSt. Patricks Day Parade Munich

Green is the color of St. Patrick's Day

And what do we attract? No comments yet. Popular motifs are, for example, clover leaves, beer jugs and goblins. The environment is also adapted to St. Patrick's Day. Some cities color their rivers green and important sights are green, in the past, for example, Sydney Opera House, Niagara Falls, Moulin Rouge and the Pyramids of Giza.

Brings a lot of thirst to Guinness, the consumption of which almost triples on St. Patrick's Day, and dance rage to Irish music with!

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