White bridal bouquet

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White bridal bouquet

Catch the wedding bouquet and going to the next bride

What would be an elegant wedding or a bachelor party without the associated white bridal bouquet? Whether the farmer with his wife or the IT Girl with rich celebrity's hand, stands before the altar, a white bridal bouquet is an absolute must! The bridesmaids present would certainly disappointed when the bride would not cast a bridal bouquet in her beautiful wedding dress and would usher in the next wedding.

The classic white bridal bouquet is composed of very realistic looking plastic flowers and should be distinguished from real flowers barely.The white floral bouquet composed of white roses, white red patterned orchid, white jasmine flowers, green fern and ornamental grasses.The cool bridal bouquet is the perfect costume accessory for a bridal costume, wedding dress, bachelorette or hen party.Suitable for the bridal bouquet you'll find so cool stuff like the Bridal veil with roses , the Cowboy Hat Pink and the Pinke Katy Wig ,Our wedding bouquet every played wedding is the dream wedding.

  • Diameter: approx. 30 cm, height ca.15cm, stalk ca.10 centimeters,
  • Material: plastic