Gold Pillar Candle

Item #: 8800736

Gold Pillar Candle

For a festive Christmas party illumination!

Candlelight is a natural light source that creates a calming and warm atmosphere. Candles are particularly popular during Adent and the Joyous Season as they geat us into the right mood for Christmas.

The Gold Pillar Candle looks elegant and festive, so it is perfect for your Advent wreath and all other Christmas decorations. The top-quality candle is approx. 10 cm long and 4,5 cm in diameter,    so it will last all through Advent without problems. Match this beautiful candle with our Rehkitz Lying and the Decoration Plate Angel and create lovely Christmas decorations!

Additional information on the Gold Pillar Candle:

  • Includes: 1 candle
  • Colour: gold
  • Size: length approx. 10 cm, diameter approx. 4,5 cm