Perfumed candles chocolates

Item #: 18329

Perfumed candles chocolates

Who can fresh chocolate scent and beautifully shaped chocolates resist?

Now there is the possibility to get with the scented candles chocolates decoration ausieht but not forever remain delicious on hips.Especially at Christmas time, at which it is no shortage of sweets, the chocolate candles are a beautiful gift and the common tooth fairy loses out.The smells of delicious chocolate candy candles are completely done in Pralinenform and decorated and thus almost too good to burn down.

The perfumed candles chocolates come in a beautiful gift box with brown ribbons.Each of the three lovingly hand-crafted chocolates candles has a size of ca.6 cm x 6 cm and a height of about5 cm.

Contents: 3 pieces, perfumed