Party Picker France XL

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Party Picker France XL

France toothpick flag in national colors as a party decoration

Whether you're a fan France French or large, with the party-pickers France with the national colors as a motif can be perfectly celebrate a French theme party.The French love to stock up for various holidays with flags and patriotic decoration.The party picker France that they will ensure proper style served in the French national colors the delicious appetizers.Opportunities to use the toothpick flag with the flag of France there are many! You can view the party picker for an election party or decorating a sports event.The French national colors Blue / White / Red let the French flair volume.

Order now the party picker France XL and so decorate your table decorations and your breakfast.The patriotic Partypicker have a flag size of 5 cm x 3.5 cm and a length of about Toothpick10 cm and thus differ significantly from the conventional small toothpick flags.The party picker France XL are so, like France itself, a true magnitude

Package included: 1 x pack party picker France
  • Content.50 Pieces
  • Color: Blue / White / Red
  • Size: Banner respectively, 5 cm x 3, 5 cm, toothpick about10 cm
  • Material: wooden sticks and paper