Wounds cream makeup Kryolan

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Wounds cream makeup Kryolan

Cream Make Up Circle for your Halloween wounds Make Up

The wounds Make Up Kryolan basically consists of 6 colors in practical Supracolor Color Circle.Supracolor Kryolan is a very highly pigmented, highly opaque and skin-friendly greasepaint and equally suited for professional and private use.

The wounds Cream Make-Up contains the colors green monster, corpse yellow, purple, red, black and beige in a handy, resealable pouch until use.The make-up colors are very easy to wash off with warm water and soap.The wounds cream makeup is essential if one wants to make-up realistic-looking wounds or injuries.

Delivery : 1x wounds cream makeup Kryolan

  • Content : 1x round container with 6 colors
  • Colors Green, Dead yellow, red, purple, beige, black
  • Quantity : 30g